Shipping rates have gone up quite drastically recently, and they were already pretty steep to begin with considering it is necessary to use a courier because of the lithium battery in the amp.

Splyce and T-shirts can be sent regular mail to anywhere in the world

In an effort to make it easier for customers outside of the US & Canada to acquire a NOMAD, I have provided the following shipping options:

You can have the amp shipped Express International for $180 CAD

For the combo pack of two amps, it is $250 CAD

So far these options only apply to UK and EU

Or you can choose the Pay Later option, and simply pre-purchase your amp now, and during the next few months while the amps are in production, I will be looking into having NOMADS sent to a distribution center in the EU and arranging a more affordable shipping option.

Please note however that those prices cannot be guaranteed, and the purchase of the NOMAD is in most cases non-refundable, as the pre-purchase funds are going towards manufacturing this run of amps. Special circumstances can be discusses on a case-by-case basis.

Your other option is to wait a few weeks for an update on distribution plans. 

AUSTRALIAN Customers: We also plan on securing Australian distribution, and updates will be provided in the next few weeks. If you wish to pre-purchase your amp now you may do so and shipping will be charged to you before the NOMADs are sent out.

Feel free to reach out to us to make alternate arrangements if these options don't work you.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but this is the way things are now and we are trying our best to get amps to you at reasonable cost.