- After more than a year of refining and developing, the new, improved NOMAD is almost here. I read the feedback we got from you and put a lot of road testing on my personal NOMAD. The following have been added or improved:


- Improved mic tone

   The microphone input was meant as a courtesy to allow you to perform improvised shows in the middle of nowhere. It was never the focus of the design. Now we have added an internal EQ stage to clean up vocals as well as leaving a Mids trimpot inside the amp if ever you want to open it up and make fine-tune adjustments.

- FX Loop

    The original NOMAD already had a line out for recording or going to a P.A. We have kept that function, but that jack now also serves as a send to an FX loop, and we added a Return jack to allow you to insert effects between the pre-amp and the power amp.

- Real Spring Reverb

     The digital reverb just wasn't cutting it in the tone department. It was our first large scale production and I chose it as the least complicated to manufacture. But there are no shortcuts to good tone. So we spent weeks testing and developing a compact spring reverb system to help reach the sounds we seek.

-Three-Way EQ

      The NOMAD has amazing tone...Sometimes. But sometimes certain pickups or guitars just dont shine through it the way you want. The way that makes you want to keep playing even when you have other things you're supposed to be doing. So we went back to the drawing board and added a discreet extra tone control on the back of the amp. Adding a ton of versatility, it allows you to cut bass, scoop mids or leave the EQ flat to achieve the right tone for your setup. A nice bonus is that it also enhances the use of acoustic guitars through the NOMAD.

All this to say: We really care about tone.

Here's how you can get one:

We are doing a presale now to begin raising funds for a large scale production of the new NOMAD. We will be doing only 300 units for this manufacturing run.

The estimate on delivery has been moved back to around Feb 2023

The sooner we presell, the sooner we get the ball rolling. 

I have been working with Gorva Design Inc. on manufacturing through a great factory, the same one who produced the current run of Splyce pedals.

Keep checking in, more details released as we progress towards our goal.

Thank you for your support, this wouldn't be possible without you.

-Scott Strange




Q: Do you ship to...(UK, Brasil, Mars etc...)

A: We will be offering shipping to anywhere in the world that DHL goes. Which is practically everywhere. Keep in mind that with an object of this size and weight, shipping from Canada to international is usually around $150-$250CAD for 3-5 day express (there is no slow option yet). Shipping to the US is around 40-50 USD

We are looking into distribution centers internationally to bring down shipping costs. CLICK HERE FOR EUROPE AND AUSTRALIAN SHIPPING INFO


Q: Will they be available in stores?

A: The long-term goal is to have them available direct as well as through retailers worldwide. This may take some time. If you know a great local store that wants to carry us, or are a store yourself, please contact us to get wholesale rates. 

Otherwise, call your local chain store and demand they carry us!

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: We have no realistic and consistent way of testing this other than putting a loop on full blast through an amp until it dies. It all depends on how loud and consistently you play, how many pedals you have, the types of pedals etc...

What I can say is this: It lasts a hella long time. I charge mine about once every 4 shows. I went ridiculously overboard on battery size so that you don't have to worry about it. Plus there's a handy charge indicator on the side of the battery that you can check before you leave the house.

It uses 18560 Lithium-Ion cells, the same type they use in Tesla cars.

Q: How many pedals does it power?

A: The 9v output provides up to 2 amps (!) of pedal power. That means you can certainly power a lot of pedals. I personally have used it with up to 11 (mostly analog) pedals at once with no issue.

Q: Is this amp mainly for busking?

A: NO! I mean, yes, it excels at outdoor and remote scenarios. But I don't look at it that way. As someone who travels a lot AND loves tube amps, this amp is the best compromise I could arrive at to satisfy all my music needs.

So think of this as an everything amp. It has a convenient recording output that you can link directly to a console or a ZOOM-type pocket recorder. The best part is that as a battery amp, you NEVER have to deal with the dreaded 60-cycle hum that almost all amps suffer from. That means cleaner recordings.

It's also the perfect size and volume for the working musician, making gigs a breeze. and if you need to play to an arena, either pop a mic in front or tap the line out to the house P.A.

The advanced neodymium speaker means this thing is ultralight.

It weighs less then a Les Paul!

Q: I already have NOMAD but want to upgrade, what do I do?

A: The original run of NOMADS were a labor of love, and to thank everyone who bought one for their support, I have made sure that the new NOMAD chassis is reverse compatible. That means you will be able to purchase just the metal box with the circuit inside and the spring reverb and swap out your old one with only a screwdriver. They will be available at a reduced price, and only to current NOMAD owners. No chassis will be sold separately otherwise.

Click here to reserve yours.