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Strange Journey

Hi, I'm Scott Strange.

I have spent the last decade on the road hitch-hiking, driving, sailing, flying, and walking to all kinds of amazing places with my dog and my guitar.

As I went along I found I needed an amp that I could play anywhere. I tried everything that was available, from 9-volt battery powered 1/2 Watt pocket amps to anvil-heavy and tonally underwhelming battery amps....

...They all sucked.

Luckily, I made friends with an electronics genius, and around 5 years ago, I started pestering him to help me come up with something better, and developed my mission statement.


The ideal travelling amp needed:


• To be LIGHT and easy to carry.

• To be LOUD enough to play guitar AND vocals through and keep up with a moderately loud drummer

• To have AMAZING TONE, on par with all the classic tube amps

• To have GREAT BATTERY LIFE, so you could forget to charge it for several days and still be able to go play a show.

• To have an output jack to supply 9 VOLTS to POWER YOUR PEDALS

• To be simple and EASY TO USE

And so, with those rules in mind, I developed what is now the NOMAD amp. My mission is to continue making them, as well as a handful of other products designed to make your life as a musician easier and sound better.

-Scott Strange

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