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Model 66 Stereo Smooth Vibrato / Phaser

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A stereo version of our beloved Model 33, brought back fresh with stereo input/output jacks and dual XLR output.

A beautiful authentic analog vibrato that gives you everything from a slow warp akin to old VHS tapes or a Leslie cabinet, all the way to ultra-fast wobble. Goes down to ultra slow speeds, and up to an ultra-fast pulse.

Implements a sinusoidal LFO, for authentic vibrato, there is no delay involved.

Use the phase pot to mix in dry signal and get a phaser sound.

The red light jewel pulses to the speed of the vibrato,

Runs on 9VDC center negative standard power supply

DIMENSIONS:  L120mm X W67mm X H56mm

Soft touch switching / buffered bypass

Hand Made in Canada


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