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Pocket Studio Comp

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$359.00 $339.00
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After 3 years of research and development, it is finally ready!

Inspired by the joy experienced while using high-quality compressors when recording, this device is meant bridge the gap between guitar pedal and a rackmount unit.


• recording in the field, at home or in the studio

• smoothing out podcast vocals for a professional sound

• on your guitar or bass pedalboard

The heart of it is a low-noise, high headroom, completely analog OTA compressor which alone is a versatile tool. What really makes the PSC an indispensable piece of gear are its features. 

Equally adept at handling instrument and microphone signals, it features a combination input jack that accepts either standard 1/4" instrument cable or XLR.

Likewise, the OUTPUT allows you to use either instrument or XLR cable, even both at once.

With the addition of switchable +48V Phantom power, those attributes alone make this device a veritable multi-tool for music making, taking on the roles of preamp, active D.I, Mic-to-instrument converter AND condenser mic power supply before we even get to the compression function.

The compressor itself features:

Completely analog circuitry, no digital simulations here!

• Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio Controls

• Optional sidechain High Pass Filter (HPF) to reduce low end triggering.

• Bright switch to reintroduce lost high frequency content after compression

• LED VU that displays the sidechain response in real time

• DRY mix pot to blend compressed with uncompressed signal for parallel compression

1/8" Sidechain link jacks, to connect two units in stereo, use effects in the sidechain (EQ) and to use another signal to trigger the compression (sidechaining / ducking)

• BYPASS footswitch and top mounted jacks make for smooth pedalboard use.

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Made of rugged folded steel, yet compact enough to snuggle into even tight pedalboards, the Pocket Studio Comp is a serious device designed to last

POWER: To ensure maximum utility, the PSC can be powered by filtered DC power supplies from 9-12 Volts of ANY POLARITY. This means you most likely have a power supply for it within reach in most music spaces.

It also can be powered by an internal 9V battery or the NOMAD amp's 9V power output for smooth field recordings.

Designed with utility and sonic quality in mind, the Pocket Studio Comp is going to be your new secret weapon.



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