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Reel Deal A Preamp and Dual Delay

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PRE-SALE: purchase now, units made by hand in Canada, will ship approximately end of July.


The Reel Deal A is designed to give the experience of finding an old tape machine at a thrift store, plugging it in and seeing what kind of unique sounds can be wrangled out of it.

Combining the popular "always on" tone of the Reel Deal preamp with two delay chips, the Reel Deal A is packed full of functions to make it not only toneful, but extremely versatile.

The right footswitch can either be set to bypass the entire pedal, or only the delay, allowing you to leave the preamp always on if you wish.

The left footswitch, in head select mode, switches between the two separate delay "heads" each with their own time and repeats controls, allowing you to switch between different delay sounds on the fly.

When in parallel mode, the two delays are active at the same time, and the left footswitch triggers an infinite feedback as long as it is held down.

Head 2 additionally has a frequency control, allowing you to add or remove treble content to shape your sound and it helps to sonically differentiate the two heads when used together. 

There is also a jack on the side of the pedal to tap out the sound from Head 2.


With the beloved crunchy sound of the Reel Deal preamp, you can get some pretty satisfying tones in all knob positions, as well as getting a powerful clean boost. Overdrive light indicates preamp clipping.


The delay has a vu meter for each delay head, so you can visualize the delayed sound.


Includes our standard ultra-low impedance XLR output on the left side of the pedal for D.I. out or recording.

Runs off standard 9V center negative power supply.


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