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The Outer Limit Diode Compressor

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Sometimes you just need to get the job done. You don't need a million knobs or disco lights or a little fan that blows your hair back.

Well, this is that pedal. Like a good sound guy, you don't notice him when he's doing a good job. 

The Outer Limit is a studio-style diode compressor using a charge pump to get 18V internal voltage and achieve very smooth, very linear compression, all the way to limiting.

It sports only two knobs to keep things simple. Input volume adds tons of clean volume, and determines how hard the compressor is triggered. Output volume simply attenuates the total output of the pedal after compression.

While it may be simple, there is still tons of flexibility. The three slide switches each have three positions, allowing for a wide range of combinations.

Attack controls how quickly the compression is triggered after the initial transient (string hit or loud signal)

Release controls how long the compression keeps the volume down for, with very quick and quite slow speeds.

The Dynamics control affects the ratio, or severity of the compression. At the top position it acts as a limiter, in the bottom switch position more as a subtle peak attenuator.

For a modest gentleman, it still has a bit of showmanship, as the light flashes along with the compression, allowing you to see when and how the effect is acting. For longer release times, the light stays on longer, for harder compression the light gets brighter. 

Top-mounted power, 1/4" input and output jacks. 

On the left side is our standard low impedance XLR output, to allow more  useability.

Buffered bypass.

Uses standard 9V center negative power

 (NOTE: Has a charge pump chip inside, so if used with other effects with a charge pump without isolation may cause interference noise)

Hand Built In Canada

DIMENSIONS:  L120mm X W67mm X H56mm

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